Day 2: San Francisco (0 miles) 10 miles of city-walking non-trek related

We left the hostel at 11:30 and trekked to meet our host where we dropped our packs and enjoyed a day of walking with our packs.  My hips are burning; a strange statement but, unencumbered with our packs, we attempted as many hills as possible. And San Francisco makes good on its promise of vista’s and hills.  We took off from our host’s house, who lives in an area of San Francisco called Cow Hollow (originally land set aside for cow grazing) and headed over to the Palace of Fine Arts.  Walking down Marina Drive, we hit Fisherman’s Wharf and sampled salt water taffy – egg nog and key lime were the best, not together though – and the delights at the Musee Mechanique.  From Chinatown we headed to Lombard Street for the crooked street and walked to Grace Cathedral and then on to Chinatown.  Our host berated us because we were in a restaurant where the only Asians were a part of the wait staff, but we got the authentic goods at a bakery a few blocks down – moon cake with lotus paste.  A quick jaunt to Union Square led us to the land of Emporio Armani and Prada.  A wrong turn put us in prime view of a tranny hooker being solicited.  We quickly righted this and made it back to home base where we played a game that Emmanuel (host) had invented called the couch game.


One response to “Day 2: San Francisco (0 miles) 10 miles of city-walking non-trek related

  1. Glad to hear you are alive and well…minus the burning hips. Sounds like a indie band. And now, the band you’ve all been waiting for…THE BURNING HIPS!!! Moving on. I wouldn’t have guessed that egg nog salt water taffy would be stellar. I’ll make a mental note and try it some time if I see it. You and your moon pies. Granted, this is not the traditional moon pie…but a moon pie none the less. I see your little side trek was educational. What would a trip to ANY city be without seeing its seedy underground? This is going to be like Where’s Waldo in every city you visit now. Where the Transvestite prostitute? In a large group, they may be hard to spot. Keep your eyes peeled. Enjoy, have fun…and I was serious about what I said earlier. If anyone asks you to put the lotion on your skin…use those expensive sneakers to haul butt in the opposite direction.

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