San Francisco

Just learned there’s a wordpress app so this sholud make uploading photos much easier. Here is a taste of Day 2. The photos are in order of the day starting from the view from Fort Mason and the Hostel, Fisherman’s Wharf from Fort Mason, Lombard Street, the Union Pacific Club from Grace Cathedral, approaching Chinatown and the Financial District, walking Chinatown, the ultra posh Union Station, and looking down one hill and up the other.


One response to “San Francisco

  1. I can tell you I literally “ooooo’d” outloud when I saw the poshiest of the posh district photos. Pretty lights. Looks like a nice day. Envy. I would also like to say that thanks to you, I had a dream last night that I was wandering around “the city” looking for a hat, and there were transvestite hookers coming at me from all directions in hordes. It was like Pricilla Queen of The Desert x 1,000. I hoep you’re happy. Now I literally am living vicariously.

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