Day Four: San Francisco to Broadmoor (13 miles)

We trekked on past the now familiar Chestnut Street, west past opulent houses, middle class neighborhoods, commercial strips, and seaside suburbs.  On the way, we navigated one of the toughest hills in all of San Francisco, a near vertical climb bordering the Presidio.  After several rest stops and a brief phone conversation with my great friend Megan who was checking to make sure that we were fine and not, in fact, at the bottom of a well “putting the lotion on its skin,” we found ourselves faced with the mighty Pacific.  The Great Highway (Rte 1) runs along the coast line.  For the first three miles, a bike path/walking trail parallels the Highway.  After an hours walk, we reached a break point before pounding the pavement, literally.  The sunset behind clouds was unremarkable and the gathering dark left me with one thought, “without reflective strips on our gear and apparel, we were barely visible to the on-coming traffic.”  Kae suggested that we pull off and mull over where we would stay (Pacifica, my original end point, was still 3.5 miles off).  We didn’t take off until after 1 in the afternoon, way too late for a 15 mile walk.  We stopped at a Taco Bell, significant because previous to reaching California, Kae labored under the misinformation that Taco Bells (his favorite of fast food eateries) did not exist out west.  This was not true, but there is a chain that rivals Taco Bell’s popularity without having a stronghold within the east coast, Del Taco.  More on that later.  We had not made any couchsurfing appeals this far south and, despite having some dubious offers for places to stay via an app on Kae’s phone (I won’t go into details), we opted to stay at a cheap (in price and quality) motel on Highway 101, El Camino Real or the King’s Highway.  We trekked the last 1.3 miles to the motorville motel through a light drizzle, stopping to put our duck covers over our packs.  Once in the motel, I launched into a deep slumber safe within my cocoon of a sleeping bag where I assured myself germs and other nasties hanging around in the motel ether could not touch me.


2 responses to “Day Four: San Francisco to Broadmoor (13 miles)

  1. Well, what are friends for if not to make sure that someone doesn’t end up wearing your skin as a suit? People who needed better friends:
    1. The guard in Silence of the Lambs that A. Hopkins “borrows”
    2. The girl in the hole in Silence of the Lambs
    3. The previous members of Buffalo Bill’s man suit
    4. The 101 dalmations (The disney story is not actually what happened…but Disney doesn’t believe in unhappy endings.)
    5. Edgar in Men In Black…”the Edgar suit”
    6.the guy in The Devil’s Rejects in the hotel that becomes a mask

    That’s all I’ve got right now on that topic. I’ll think of more later I’m sure. Wow, lots of people suits in Silence of the Lambs, no? I could have informed you of taco places to eat at had I known. You guys will probably appreciate Jack in the box’s tacos as well. They all seem to love Del Taco out there. I will ask Michael if there are any more places you should know about.

    About your motel stay, now I feel like a crap friend because I didn’t get to make sure your life didn’t turn into a crap horror movie about motels. Other people who needed better friends:
    1. Anyone in Identity with John Cusack
    2. John Cusack in 1408
    3.the people in Joyride
    4. The family in The Shining
    5.The people in Hostel
    6. The guests who were staying at the hotel Slimer occupied the day of the big blow out.
    7. Janet Leigh at the Bates Motel
    8. Again the Family in Devil’s Rejects…you heard how that turned out….stellar.
    9.The couple in Paranormal Activity because no one told them that NO ONE wants to see that crappy camera work since Blaire Witch…the people in which should have just opted for a good motel themselves and skipped out on the crappy witch hunt.
    Done. Miss you! Call me when you can!

  2. Meg – Glad to hear you guys are doing well. I’m really enjoying following your blog. Just a side note: there is one random Del Taco in St. Simon’s, GA (at least there used to be a couple of years ago). Be sure and check out the Baja Fresh, too, while you are in CA. Mmmmm.

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