Day Four : San Francisco to Broadmoor


4 responses to “Day Four : San Francisco to Broadmoor

  1. Your pictures are coming out swell. I like th buildings a lot in the first photo. By the way, I think the shoes are nice. I don’t know what you meant talking about them like they were a Pug puppy….”They’re ugly cute.” Baaaah, I say.

  2. 3rd picture down, curious about it. Aquaculture pond, an old Spanish fortification, or something quite fascinating?

    • They are the Sutro Baths, a Victorian bathhouse that burned down in the 1960s. Located on the coast outside of San Francisco, I recognized them from the movie Harold and Maude. I’m willing to bet that’s not part of the 10% of pop culture that you’ve allowed to filter in; an admirable quality.

      • The 10% of pop culture I let in is of the finest vintage and for some reason 1971 does not strike me as a poppy year. Sutro Baths, quite interesting. You should do at least entry for your present abode. At the very least it will be a way to reflect and give you a place to remember it. If you know what I mean.

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