Day Seven: Monterey

We took a trip to Monterey. Love was in the air, Valentine’s Day. We walked to Lover’s Point where a wedding was in progress. I strayed away from Kae and family and the strains of Boyz II Men, scrambled over the rocks, and gave my mom a call for support. Fisherman’s Wharf and Cannery Row were too packed full of lovers to grab dinner so we headed into Salinas, to KoKoRo for sushi. This would be a common culinary theme, sushi and Mexican. When in Rome… Kae decided on the ramen. BJ, the chef, came out personally to take a look at the man who had ordered authentic ramen, the first caucasian yet. The only recognizable elements being the noodles and an egg. I’ll close by saying, Kae made a valiant effort. This was not your standard Costco fare.


One response to “Day Seven: Monterey

  1. I know this is going to seem disturbing, but I find it incredibly daring that you two chose the food you did considering you weren’t always guaranteed to have a restroom close by. I’m just saying. A bad batch of mexican ruin a walk across America faster than you can say Taco Bell Hell.

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