Southern Voyage

LeeLee and I are roadtripping it down to Georgia so that I can play bridesmaid to one of my dearest friends Miss JennyKate. On the way down, we decided to detour through the Shenandoah National Park’s Skyline Drive, running 105 miles through northern Virginia. A downpour erupted while pit stopping at the Front Royal visitors center. In driving rain we made our way to the nexus of the park, paid the fee, and made our way through fog-laden mountains. Thankfully, we moved past the storm and the sun cleared entire valleys so that we could enjoy the vistas before heading into a second storm towards the end of our travels (and sideswiping a deer). While on the drive, we dutifully stopped at every overlook that was not closed or shrouded in cloud coverage; following are some of my favorite snapshots…

Dinoland was not too far from Skyline.

Mist swirl around the rain soaked bark and verdant hues of late spring.


In between storms


Fortunately, the fog cleared for us to experience this view before we met the second storm head on.

A break in the massing storm clouds dramatically illuminates a mountain.

Ever the queen of imperfect timing, a crack of lightning struck down on the next mountain top shortly after taking this photo.


One response to “Southern Voyage

  1. I’m a fan of the last photo in particular. Have fun on your excursion. Have fun at the wedding! Pictures of the dress! Exclamation points are apparently popular for me today. Ooops…I mean “!”

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