Peach Lime Jam Session

Peach lime jam session is the name of my Allman Brothers tribute band…

This morning, I attended a canning class led by Marisa Mclellan of the Food in Jars blog. We gathered round tables at Indy Hall in Old City pealing fresh farmers market peaches, zesting limes, and learning about botulism. Marisa walked us through the simple steps that would yield a delectable treat while answering all our canning questions. I have yet to taste the end product as it currently sits nestled in a kitchen towel in the bottom of my bag, cooling as we ride the rails southbound to Maryland. I was, however, provided a spoon with which to scrape the pot’s remaining dregs. Delicious, delicious dregs.


Marisa roughly dices the peaches reducing the surface area to allow for the maximum allowance of fruit per cup.


The fruit and sugar heat to a broiling bubble, reducing the liquid.


After the lime zest and juice have been added to the reduced peaches, pectin further consolidates the consistency of the jam. We decided as a class that we preferred a “runny” jam and added half the pectin.


The finished product.



The peach lime jam made a scrumptious topping for this bowl of vanilla ice cream.


And a wonderful garnish on my breakfast toast. That’s it; I’m not compelled to document every meal I eat with my homemade jam. Actually I am, but I’ll show some self-restraint and not publish them. Enjoy your day!


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