Fit for a King, a Teeny Tiny King

Ever since the blood oranges post, I’ve wanted to share the awesome food I’ve made in my teeny tiny kitchen which manages to occupy roughly half of my itty bitty studio apartment. In the past week alone, Janelle and I have engineered some of the best meals I’ve ever eaten. Even now as I type, I can smell the mini coconut custard I’m making for dessert browning in my oven. But very much like my kitchen, food only occupies a corner of my being.*  Stupid analogy, but it works. Point being, I don’t want to write a food blog, not exclusively at least.

*Unlike my kitchen, my brain does not have an ant infestation issue… yet.

Beyond food, spring has arrived in West Philly. Over the span of a weekend, the buds unfurled on the tree outside my kitchen window, obstructing my view of the dog park. The world is awash in lavender hues, light pink blossoms, and seemingly every shade of green.


Springtime in West Philly - I love the way the color pops against the earthy tree trunks and silvery skies.

Last time this year, I was the recipient of a strange gift. Having made a spur-of-the-moment, ill-timed, ill-fated move from West Philly, I was left with no furniture save for a record cabinet. Nothing like four months falling asleep every night on an air mattress to make you feel adrift in a shameful sea of arrested development.  Whew boy, the coconutty aroma wafting from my kitchen’s corner is really screwing with my metaphors. All joking aside, last March I inherited this amazing antique twin bed from a friend who in turn rescued it from being heaped into a dumpster.


Only issues, the little girl flower and ribbon motif (easily fixed), and the dimensions.  The bed registered about 4″ wide of modern twins and, more problematic, 2″ short. Queue in friend handy with a tablesaw, throw in some hardware, a custom paint color, a temper tantrum or two later and this is the outcome.


For the consumers of fine art out there, that is a paint-by-number of Gainsborough's Blue Boy over the mantel.

My coconut custard is out of the oven and cooling so I’m going to attack that now. In progress photos follow:


This plate marries the extension to the original frame along with rods and wood glue.


The extension was shaped with a router, planed, and sanded to match the original. The seam is intentional.


The ochre trim of the Homestead in Historic Rittenhousetown was the inspiration for the paint color. Photo taken last April.


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