A Distant Sound of Thunder: Summertime in Philadelphia

No Bradbury allusions here.  Just in search of black thread and a needle, redding myself for a surprise party. I’m a little gun shy with large social gatherings, but considering this is for the man who introduced me to my friend-base, I’ll go, stalling enough to mend this shirt which is currently held together by safety pin. This frees up another for pre-run bib pinning; I can never find enough and resorted to using a Dr. Dog badge on my last 5k.


Uniquely Philadelphia Color Run bib pinning

Back to the thunder, it’s the dog days, heat intensified by more heat, punctuated by a daily tumultuous and brief thunderstorm. Last night I got caught in it exploring the art galleries of First Friday.  Today, I’m thankful it’s delayed itself for my visit to the farmers market. I picked up a few peaches and a pint of blackberries which I’ve already rendered into a small batch of runny jam and a frozen blackberry/ricotta treat.  This summer’s dedicated to the three b’s: baseball, barbeque, and beer. Add to that blackberries and it’s a mighty fine time.


An extra long Phillies/Giants game at Citizens Bank Park


Yards Brewery tour


Fishtown Beer Runners Broad Street Bar Crawl


South Philly roof deck – grilled Filet with bacon spinach couscous and peach sparkler


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