Sunrise over Philly


City Hall at sunrise.

So this morning, I woke from a groggy, pumpkin beer-induced sleep to realize that I had to be at work SUPER early today, on a Sunday at that.  But my own poor planning and consumption choices the night before aside, this morning I was rewarded in my early venture in to the city by a pretty sunrise illuminating the buildings on Broad. I snapped a few pics with my phone which, how incredible is it that technology has advanced so far that my camera phone captures pictures at a quality that my camera couldn’t a mere four years ago? Enjoy!


City Hall from the wedding spot.

The median between the north and southbound traffic on Broad is a popular place for wedding photos.


Sunrise illuminates the Bellevue.

I’ve been told that Bram Stoker wrote portions of Dracula in the historic Bellevue-Stratford Hotel. The Rosenbach reportedly has Stoker’s handwritten notes on Dracula on Bellevue stationary.


Midtown Village in full sunshine.

Looking west on 13th street from the rooftop of the New Century Trust national historic landmark.


Midtown Village in full sunshine.

As I post this last pic, I look out of my window and see lead grey skies.  The forecast calls for a day of non-stop rain.



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