Here I sit drained in my office… on a Saturday… mug of tea in hand

Last night was a balmy Oktoberfest Costume Halloween party and a much restrained me did not partake (heavily) of the mulled wine knowing full well that at six o-clock this morning, I would be staring down the street, hoping for the distinct headlights of the trolley,willing Philly’s transit system to get me to work on time. But this has been an inspiring day, a food blogger conference of which I’ve snapped bits of wisdom from at least one of my blogging heroes, has blown into the house like tomorrow’s impending hurricane. Terrible analogy, I’m aware, early morning wake up, little sleep, more mulled wine than I’m really willing to let on. I’m no food blogger, and I have no illusions that writing these posts will either be seen or lead to anything beyond my being able to process a thought in a timely manner. But having all these talented folks gathered under the same roof has inspired me. With that being said, here is a complete 180.

After years of enjoying and refining my palette for craft beers, I’m taking a crack at homebrewing.  I’ve made two attempts, neither to a point where I know if I’ve been successful enough, neither without some kind of disaster.  The first had yeast that remained quiet and inactive until FOUR DAYS into the process. The other, started off with a ferocious bubble within a few hours.  So much so that, in the day that followed, the unfermented wort exploded out of the carboy.  It’s quite a sight, view for yourself.Updates on both to follow…


Vigorously activated yeast (and perhaps the addition of some few years old malt) has resulted in a Vesuvian-like eruption.


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