Mixed Berry Jamboree with Emeryroo

Fresh berries are marinated in a mixture of lemon juice and sugar, the berries are then heated to a boil and mashed. The boiled down berries are funneled into the prepared jars and set in a hot water bath to seal.


Inspired by the TechMunch blogging conference and finding myself flush with fresh berries, I prepped a few jars for some small batch canning. My very great friends, heading to a Deftones show at the Electric Factory, lent me their adorable five year old for the night and we set out on a play-doh and mixed berry jam-boree.  Note: no play-doh went into the jam, recipe from Epicurious, just an assortment of berries, sugar, lemon juice and lots of time. Without the addition of pectin, the result was a runny jam which will taste great as an ice cream topping, spooned into yogurt, stirred into a hot tea, or poured over pancakes.


My very adorable partner-in-crime. He jammed out to Spoon and made some play-doh creations while I prepared the jam.


I still have a ton of berries and may soon attempt a firmer version with spices to give out as Christmas gifts.  Yep, I’m totally going to be that person. As I post this, Sandy is reeking havoc outside my window and, if the trolley lines are still shut down in a few hours, I’m cabbing it to a friend’s house in Fishtown to weather the rest of the storm – grooving on records, drinking warm beverages, and reducing farm-picked apples into apple butter.


Runny mixed berry jam.



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